The L.I.B.R.A. Introduction Letra


The L.i.b.r.a.

Letra de The L.I.B.R.A. Introduction
The L.I.B.R.A
I'm Ms. Pat from Fair Street Bottom
Do you know how hard it is to have the odds stacked against you
And flip the scale in your favor?
I flipped bricks and bitch niggas for what I got
Fuck that shit, I learned how to cook cocaine
Before I learned how to boil an egg, nigga
I used to can cook a cocaine cake like a birthday cake
Put a little baking soda, then when we stepped on it
With the comeback, boy you really came the fuck up
That's how I got my first set of Jordan's
Fuck y'all laughin' at? Heheheh
Bein' a legend is not about runnin' the streets
It's about runnin' your business (Yeah)
Raisin' kids or lacin' wigs, a hustler nеver die, baby

Okay, two six figures, solitairе, don't play with me
Half a million on my necklace, spent it blatantly
Even in this pandemic, nigga, goddamn it
I'm like, "Well, F it, I'ma get one, why would I not wear it?"
Now stop starin', in Bel Air with a hot pair
She suck it 'til it hard, then she squat there
Ain't gotta do shit, nigga, fuck how you feel, I do not care
I been a mastermind since you was in a highchair
I was a millionaire before you had an idea
I keep my head on the swivel, peep the side mirror
The penthouse, top floor, I reside there
Mhm, everybody get it, that is my prayer
But I know everyone can't make it and it not fair
It's lonely at the top, but you can't beat this view, I swear
Ain't no comparison, the thought is just embarrassin'
Worth a 150 now, I'm gon' quadruple that
Lil bitch, we control the culture, got the proof for that (Uh-huh)
Activatin' movements, I'm the truth at that
Know how to multiply my assets, ain't no stupid cat
Every day I'm wakin' up and doin' deals
Buyin' when it low, when it get high, I sell
If I go crazy, sorry, that just how I am
Think I got post-traumatic stress for years of gettin' active
Paranoid, think everybody gunnin' at me
I could be slightly schizophrenic but don't nobody panic
If you ain't come up how I did, you wouldn't understand it
Hah, assaultin' the police, I caught a case in Tampa
I bonded out and did the show, act like it never happened
When I look back on all that shit, I ain't got no regret
Just all the lessons, wouldn't believe we really did that shit
If I ain't live it, stay true to you, you can make a killing
Okay, listen, there's business and there's bullshit, ain't no fuckin feelings
Uh-huh, spent a hundred thousand at my fucking dentist
Look, own a building, stop us at my fucking tenant
Yeah, blow Viola Cannabis on some Atlanta shit
Yeah, you hot, I'm a candlestick, put you on channel six
Yeah, you can't challenge this, rose above the challenges
Tightrope walkin' twenty years, I ain't lost my balance yet
Yeah, King, bitch

Twenty years and you still rockin', nigga, ain't nothin' get old
I don't even see grey hairs on you
What you usin', Just for Men? Hahahaha
Nigga, you my favorite motherfuckin' rapper
Now I wanted to suck Ice Cube's titty, but I always liked you
You ain't sexy to me, that nigga Ice Cube is sexy
But you my favorite motherfuckin' rapper, TIP
You the baddest motherfucker in Atlanta, I can tell you that