Deyjah's Conclusion Letra


The L.i.b.r.a.

Letra de Deyjah's Conclusion
We are all diamonds in the light reflecting in our own special way
Something strong in our spirits attack those who feel as though it's filled with everything they have yet to reach
In reality, it has nothing to do with us
Because when we truly love ourselves, we can see the truth
The blacker the berry, the louder the spirit
Black lives have mattered before the saying even existed
The color of our skin, the texture of our hair and our unique features
Why die to fit in, when we were born to stand out?
The light we possess will forever outshine any darkness thrown our way
When you have the courage to be yourself and share the gifts that you were been blessed with, you give others the art of knowing that they can too
Be a reflection of what it is that you desire
Your soul is beneath no one and your soul is superior to no one Your greatness awaits to walk with you in your destined path
I bet you were expecting to hear something different
Probably hoping I'd serve you some tea more specific to business of ours
But I'm just too gifted to be here on that bullshit you see
Evolution is key, and stagnation ain't me
Nah, I'd rather admire the beauties of life finding solace in places it'll take most more time to acknowledge