Letra de Future Hell
Future Hell Video:
We pass the [?] around
I hear the sound of your future hell, rotted
I seen the shape of it myself
The night I fell into a mushroom cloud, twice

The air was serpentine when I fell
As we're waiting for the sun to go down, tonight
I walk the purple trail till blue
Thinking the fortune told true
This time

I hear the crumbling down
People seemed like they were somewhere else
Eyes are glowing jewels overwhelmed
By somewhere far above the filthy ground
I guess

They're in the dizzy clouds
No bounty greater in the common hells
The grain is everybody's [?]
But something is in their grade-A mouths, tonight

They pour the turpentine in the well
I was looking for another way out
I found the rocky trail by moon
And slept for twenty hours through

Dreamt of twin lions
Bonded by destiny
Of being the sirens
Sometimes we chose our fate