Letra de Dogpile
Dogpile Video:
Racking up the salt to feed desire
From the bottom of the dogpile
Trying anything at all
For the first time in a long while

Staring in the mouth clean it out
Breathing the second hand opinion
Weathering in our rusted hand[?]
[?] distractions

We can let me in
My senses trust not going where I've been

Try to find a light to leave behind
Riding the railing of the sideline
What exhumes me from the wire
Does nothing hold you in the meanwhile

Living between gaps of sunken trams
And empty over-stimulation
Where is middle on the map
What is the change without a nation

If you can let me in
By pure dumb luck I've gotten where i'm going

Try to find a light to light to leave behind
Try to find a fire the bakes the eyes
Most people [?] time
What the hell is happening with mine