Feelings (Confination Song XXIII) Letra

Stay Homas

Confination Songs

Letra de Feelings (Confination Song XXIII)
Don't forget your feelings
don't feel you're alone
you have love love love in your corazón
Don't forget your feelings
you go in your flow feel yourself just let it go

We're begging for the day we can go out
we're waiting the day we're messing around
malgrat la boira cal...

(Oh baby please)
Don't forget yor feelings (feelings)
feelings (feelings)
ooooh (yeah yeah)

Feelings (feelings)
feelings (feelings)
ooooh (baby I'm just gonna feeling)

Sometimes we forget who we are
we forget to love
Sometimes we just get on a feeling
on a feeling

feelings (oooooh)
ooooh (oh baby, baby yeah)

Feelings (feelings)
feelings (I'm on my feelings, feelings, feelings)

Some feelings you can't switch off
and I just stand like you stand stressed enought
you gotta fly to the unknown
you can't get over it on your own

you got me feeling good (so good, so good yeah)
you got me in the mood (feeling, feeling, feeling)
feelings (don't forget you feelings)
you got me in the mood (feeling, feeling, I don't know)

Malgrat la boira
malgrat la boira cal caminar, caminar, caminar
(feelings, feelings
messing around, messing around
malgrat la boira cal caminar)