Paid In Full Letra



Letra de Paid In Full
Quez on the beat nig…

Hit it from the back, now it's cream on my tee
Remember fail in school, now it's D's in my teeth
Stupid-ass nigga, you can't be where I be
This a hundred dollar plate, you don't eat how I eat
Surfs up, all you niggas tryna speak how I speak
Want funk? Slide down, I don't read nigga's tweets
We ain't paid in full, you don't need nigga's beef
I don't need you in my life, wanna leave, nigga leave
I ain't livin' life right, but I'm tryin' to
Broke nigga said he want the job, ain't appliable
Same niggas said they had my back, ain't reliable
Bad bitch takin' this dick, ain't deniable
Bitch, I be on a whole lot of gang shit
Broke but you through, that's a whole lot of lame shit
Think shit a game, 'til his life get wasted
Laughin' out loud at them hoe's 'cause they ain't shit
Ha, and they never will be
Ain't talkin' bout a bag then I never will speak
Leachin' off your mans then you never will eat
Niggas whoopin' in the air, so they never will think
Ha, and that's just so sad, .45 with a stick and a clip so fat
Ol' broke ass nigga you don't get no cash
Catch a opp like I’m Kobe, you don't get no pass
I don't need you for the job, you get no tax
Serious, it's hella fuss but you get no laugh
With a big ass chop better hit those facts
Before you niggas want beef, nigga get more stacks
VVs hit harder than a Kimbo slap
How much for a show? Yeah a big ol' bag
Heard it's beef on the table, we been on that
New Glock, with a drum with a big ol' ass
And I keep a side bitch that bring no problems
SOB x RBE we some known goblins
If it's money on the floor, that’s a no option
Really Strictly Only Brother's, bitch no patnas
Bitch! You know how I rock nigga
And I don't fuck with niggas who won't pop niggas
Fast life not you? Get a job nigga
Ol' corny ass dork, you's a cop nigga
Everybody eats, dumb nigga it's a picnic
Fuck a sneak diss, fuck nigga be specific
Fuck sendin' shots, nigga aim with precision
Ps out of state for the high, I'ma ship it
Pass me a beat, that's on gang, I'ma rip it
Hit me on Snap, bitch you can't get the digits
Switch every lane in the foreign, watch me kiss it
Claim you on that field, lil' nigga get to blitzin'