Back To Back Letra



Letra de Back To Back
I'm a big dog to yo' big homie, ride with the stick on me
Clip big on me, shoot the bitch if she snitch on me
Used to hit licks, now this chain a whole lick on me
All about that chicken, bitch I gotta keep some strips on me

Keep them strips on me, yeah bitch I keep them strips on me
On my momma, wish a nigga would try and get on me
I'm the one who slide, givin' dick when yo' bitch lonely
Make yo' ass feel some type of way, like Rich Homie

Now Lorina only boy, gotta ride with that K close
Strip a nigga down to his socks for that bank roll
Bitch off a zip if she thought that I would chase her
Drinkin' out the bottle, I ain't fuckin' with no chaser
Whole fit cost a ten, I'll do a nigga in
I'll hit a nigga block, and come and do that shit again
Niggas talkin' out the neck so we hoppin' out them Benz
Three K's, Ku Klux Klan, pop a nigga like a Xan'

Pop a nigga like a Xan, tryna hop out a Lam'
We them niggas settin' trends, all in Nieman's blowin' bands
How y'all funkin' one day, and the next niggas friends?
I'll do a nigga in, for them Franklins, bands
My bitch keep a Glock, not no motherfuckin' tazer
I keep them dread head niggas with me like Jamaica
In the Bay but I'm tryna move to Vegas like the Raiders
And everywhere I go that Smith with me like Jada

Niggas sendin' shots on songs, bitch we sendin' shots on land
And nigga try and snatch my chain, leave his brains in his hands
Niggas stickin' cause I'm singin', I'm the nigga that's the demon
I'll pack a nigga out and I'll do it for no reason
Ten bands in my pocket, she tuck bands in her cleavage
Gave 'em twenty-three shots and went to catch a flight to Cleveland
You can catch me in Sac' nigga, ridin' with that pack nigga
Niggas say they on me, but where the fuck they at nigga?

Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, we up in that drop lane changin'
Tryna live this lifestyle but could your ass maintain it?
Only nigga that I'm worried 'bout is Benjamin Franklin
We be in the party, sticked up, gang-gangin'
Hundred round, fuck aimin', I'm a dog, ain't no tamin'
If you want me what you payin'? If you broke, then I'm taken
Niggas get to breakin', when that choppa get to sprayin'
I hit it from the back, lay her down and hit to blame 'em

Lay her down and I hit that shit
Nigga pull up on me, I'ma flip that whip
SOB the gang and I'm in that shit
IMessage for them blues, I send that bitch
Aye, baby send me naked pictures
I'll slap a nigga brother, I'll pimp a nigga's sister
Let you niggas do the trickin', nigga I'ma stick to trippin'
'Cause the slimmy, I'll empty, hold thirty in this extension

Yep, and that’s the mothafuckin' truth
We thuggin' in the field, while y'all thuggin' in the booth
Your Glock got a stick, LOL mine too
If it's fuck slide through, niggas trip I'ma shoot
No I ain't that nigga, I'm that nigga times two
Fit cost a couple thou', band just for my shoes
Ain't no squares in my circle, only boss tycoons
Young niggas worth a couple mil' like soon

This chop got a mop, but this Glock got a boom
I'll hit a nigga house, the house clean a nigga room
Got one eye with me, he'll clap niggas
MAC missionary, lay a nigga on his back nigga
(back nigga, back nigga, back nigga, back nigga)