The Gospels Of Fear Letra

Septic Flesh

Codex Omega

Letra de The Gospels Of Fear
The Gospels Of Fear Video:
"What you keep feeding with strong emotions and thoughts, is growing inside your mind, until finally it starts feeding by itself…"

Your future life can be at stake.
From good to worse.
Make no mistake!
One moment here, the next one gone.
The seed of terror soon will grow.

We learn to live with fear each day.
It has to be another way.
As moments fly, the things we want will be obtained,
Or maybe not.

ACTH, epinephrine,
Are flowing through the bloodstream.
The fear of failure
The fear of death
The fear of loss
The Gospels of Fear
Embrace fear

A grim companion is always there.
His vicious thoughts are hard to bear.
In every mind, in every soul he gains control.

He offers help but in exchange you have to step inside the cage.
Dare not to question the things you'll see,
All kind of horrors you will perceive.

Toxic thoughts come to thee,
Vicious mouths eating thee.

The Gospels of Fear

Embrace your fear.