Refrigerator P! (Peaky Blinders Remix) Letra

Sean Price

86 Witness

Letra de Refrigerator P! (Peaky Blinders Remix)
Refrigerator P! (Peaky Blinders Remix) Video:

It go nice rap and Mic Tyson fans, no
Tight fashion, Mike Jackson pants
Dancing machine
Adamantium rapping regime
The shit you holding is shit, colon cancer the cream
Slugs move everything around me, S.M.E.A.M. (S.M.E.A.M.?)
Huh? What the fuck that mean?
Kick over your kids stroller, nigga, Ruck, that mean
Mean Gene Okerlund spoken the word of Kareem
So sacrilegious with the word rhyme gestures
Sold crack to bitches in they third trimester
Huh, you know how it go
You know my flow dope ala Héctor Lavoe
Never catch P on the girl song
I smack shit out your "We Are the World" song
Get a hater scary
My defense intense, Refrigerator Perry

Shot somebody fam, clapped the nine
Lock my body, can't trap my mind
Raps divine father, father divine I
Conversate with the congregation that's relating with mine
You new to the one, two
Can't escape your fate
Great, who can I run to?
True, words of nerds don't hurt me
Half man half machine, the team's Murphy (Murphy, its you)
On and on 'til the break of dawn
Making Shaun mad she's like, "Dad, fuck making songs"
Nigga, the gun out
Gun pop and one cops say, "Nigga done gummed out"
Get a hater scary
My defense intense, Refrigerator Perry

They call me Big Daddy Kell Heavy
Turn up when you don't expect it
Slum apprentice, wave it at your left leg
Temptress, butterfly knife and a red dress
Double-barrel stickin' out the bag like French bread
Yo, Rob is live, why you think you liver?
I'll stick the fuckin' screwdriver
In your arm while you drinkin' cider
Uh, I'll get you sleep for a cheeky fiver
Creep behind you, razor in your heart like Peaky Blinders
Cuss 'em out like Mike Ditka, the live men got
Whores around 'em like the makeup counter
Hear the lies in your rhymes, you don't break up powder
You're some flexy-time slimeball cowards
We don't make up ours, yo, fuck a blogger hatin'
Songs with Sean Price, they turn to Walter Payton
Uh, the way they run it back, it's scary
I told 'em to bear with me, Refrigerator Perry, uh