Voice Mail #2 Letra


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Letra de Voice Mail #2
Hi. You've reached Maureen and Joanne. Leave a
message and don't forget "Over the Moon" - My
performance, protesting the eviction of the Homeless
(and artists) from the Eleventh Street Lot. Tonight at
midnight in the lot between A and B. Party at Life
Cafe to follow (BEEP)

Mr. Jefferson
Well, Joanne - We're off
I tried you at the office
And they said you're stage managing or something

Mrs. Jefferson
Remind her that those unwed mothers in Harlem
Need her legal help too

Mr. Jefferson
Call Daisy for our itinerary or Alfred at Pound Ridge
Or Eileen at the state department in a pinch
We'll be at the spa for new year's
Unless the senator changes his mind

Mrs. Jefferson
The hearings

Mr. Jefferson
Oh yes - Kitten
Mummy's confirmation hearing begins on the tenth
We'll need you - alone - by the sixth

Mrs. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson
You hear that?
It's three weeks away
And she's already nervous

Mrs. Jefferson
I am not!

Mr. Jefferson
For Mummy's sake, Kitten
No Doc Martens this time and wear a dress ...
Oh, and Kitten - have a merry

Mrs. Jefferson
And a bra!!