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Letra de How We Gonna Pay
Mark: How do you get into the real picture? That what was real concerns us from the world! Hardship and games, empty stomach instead of new targets: Hinaus - or pension money! Roger: How do you get songs? No chord makes sense, no reef is located in the right hand! Each sound sour taste, where is the power? Once, but the air burned! Mark: We starve and freeze ... Roger: ... Für'n what life we lead .... Roger + Mark: How do we, Where we take, Where we just take the money? Mark: If only candles. Roger: How do you make a fire without firewood in the house? And the deduction jams, it stinks like the sow! Mark: How can you be out here? Worship feet of snow ... Roger + Mark: ... and they are blue! Mark: Mal seh'n whether the smoke there Roger: My poster ... Mark: ... my film script. Roger + Mark: How do we, Where we Where we just take the money? Joanna (on the phone: Go ran Maureen? I am Joanna tuned. Your eingesprungener Stage Manager! Hi Hi Hi! (Where are you?) Now stay on topic Maureen. Hey Darling - come eat else do you never! You get nothing'm sick You get nothing'm sick! The Digital Delay is not anymore (not really) I return to the war which is strongly Schow You need not Mark! Collins: How you remain above ride? Fear keeps everyone fit At every step harsh and unjust, it is already not go back to the glue. Everything fully mucus and .. Uh-oh. I am bad! Mark: Where is he? Collins: Is my hard head! + Mark Roger: Where we Where we Where we just take the money! Benny (on the phone): Alison, you klingst sad treasure, these two Unbelievably, I am only dirt for them Seems that uns're marriage bothers them regardless I want to help, it's still different runs's never Benny: What is in what is in no holds on What is in ... Collins: Ohhh - Ohhh - Ohhh, that was link! Ohhh - Ohhh - Ohhh, I drink brauch'n Mark: The tones verklär'n the night mitbrünstigem fire. Joanne: Maureen, theatre is no life. Roger: It crackles as witty as it was an arsonist at work. Joanna: Theatre wäte never my life. Mark: Past is past, been burned down. Joanne: Hello? Mark (on the phone): Maureen? Hi! Your plant on strike? I am not so! Mark + half Ensemble How überwindest dum what? There will be ways and it creeps you Heart It goes so deep down in tears di soul. Krümmst you get ahead of Pain Rent! Roger + other half of the ensemble: How can you übersteh'n the time where everyone every even your own blood betrays you? All: What holds the world together, when the wind turns to the hurricane is all too late? Benny: Exactly up here. And not a step more. Roger: Take the Kammera to fight! Mark: Game 'and make steam! All: You get yourself in Place! + Mark Roger: Renting zahl'n we never! Mark Roger + +1. Half Ensemble: Renting zahl'n we never! Mark Roger + +2. Half Ensemble: Renting zahln we never! All: Last year, This year, Next year, Money money money money money No rent no money + Mark Roger: What is the cost of the world?