Letra de The Culprit Who Followed
Watchtower, viewpoint

Backed by sincere naivety

And if the moon fell in the sea

It's your only way out

Right now.Burn now. Face down

What if the stars fell from the sky?

Recollect all of them

Archaic. It's the start of something beautiful

Temptation is calling the clowns perfect murder

Temptation is calling

Sever your body from this life

It's just a moment that passes by

Sing with majestic harmony

Wrapped around your head

Locked within the dead

Marked and mustered. We're conceiving

Pin pricked patients. So convincing

Is this the end of the beauty?

Sit down. Burn now. Face down.

What if the stars fell from the sky?

Would you burn everything down?

I know I would

So innocent.

Ball of fire. Iridescent

Matchbook Warrior. Microscopic