Letra de 16 Bars
I remember the day you said stop at 16 bars
16 ain't enough for me to spit everything i got inside bro
from eyebraw to eyebraw my anger disaster
was coming out of my mouth ho
i know i came up to fast well if you lose it look back
it took me less time well listing to this song and youll understand why
hope you understand that i never stop making music
music is my life till i die
until i am like a super movie rap porntstar
selling sex clothe and my music
i still smoke weed but i dont abuse it
all my fans inspire me to be a better person
i got a bad ass team now
a young money chasing machine now
a dream catcher ill sit her on my lap bro
show my boys i know how to treat a lady
baby mama drama it does not mix me so chill out baby

now am ready for war lyrically win awards
follow your dreams dont let nobody stop you
cock blockers will always try to knock you down
and if you fall flat on the ground
get back up dont fight dont fucken lose it
go back home and kill these haters on a fucken peace of papper
am gonna state with my words
i hope you feel what i say in this verse
because my family and crew are always first
yes dont hate on what i can say
were friends but money fucked it up men
i know am from the hood but lets leave it that way
a peace sing on one hand and on the other a f u c k men
if you see me pay respect
my swag up clique next to me right and left yes
killing all your music ocm men
we ride or die hip-hop until the end

its swag up am inviting you to see
the good and creative side of hip-hop
baby please take off your flip flops
and bikini too i want to see you but naked
please inspire me to do music
sexual attraction now is the new fashion
no kissing no loving just keep fucking
i feel in love but she does not want nothing
to bad its too late just lets keep fucking
dont hesitate your egos to big for you
stop bugging me and please stop texting me too
i had one oportunity and i fucked it all up boo
thats why am here to tell you fuck you

(Gracias a Renan Borjas por esta letra)