Letra de Black Flame
I am words, I am speaking
I never heard my conclusion.
Lost in my confusion
In illusion
Lost inside the picture frame.

I'm not to blame
I didn't see the black flame
I'm not ashamed
It's poetry the black flame
I'm rearranged
It's changing me the black flame
Burns my blackened brain.

I am strong, I am leaving
I never knew I'd feel the need so
Where to go, I'll turn the flow
I could not know
Screams inside the burning pain.

Its spinning head
It's underhand the black flame
It lies inside
I turned and I ran the black flame
On me it fed
I understand the black flame
Burns my blackened brain.

Run from me, don't you see
That we are one and I'm a part of you
Get away, anyway
I'm still a secret in the heart of you
And I'm the burning in your soul..

Now I'm weak, I am losing
I never thought I'd stop trying
I am a lie, I'm just a sigh, just a cry
Just a symbol of the game

Suspended pain
I cannot face the black flame
Intended fear
I cannot trace the black flame
Extended reaching into space the black flame
Burns my blackened brain.