Letra de At The Harbour
Out at daybreak to the sun Seas are drifting glass The tides were turning to the storm Winds were moving fast Women waiting at the harbour Silent stand around Weather storms another day For men the sea had found Fishermen were laying nets The barrels spread the bait The seagulls warning echoed round Winds that wouldn't wait People gathered at the harbour Waiting for the tide Eyes half closed against the spray And tears they cannot hide Hulls were creaking crashing sails Rains were slating down The oilskins flapping, decks awash Slanting turning round Thunder roaring at the harbour Women drawn in fear Huddle up to wait the time And pray the sky will clear Howling winds and the raging waves racked upon the boats And torn from safety, torn from life Men with little hope Ghostly echoes at the harbour Whispering of death Women weeping holding hands Of those they still have left Chorus: Shadows falling at the harbour Women stand around Weather storms another way For men the sea have drowned