Portrait Of A Dead Soul Letra

The Red Paintings

Walls - EP

Letra de Portrait Of A Dead Soul
Another fake disease
Is there reality in this?
Or it just a dream?
Checkered floors
We've come a long long way
It seems we all just look the like stones
It makes us all the same

And I feel alone
Theres no pain involved
Is there reality in this?

Another time and place
Another pessimist way
Is there reality in this?

Your portrait of your dead soul

Hope will come
And carry us away
Another day
Plea, we still
Dream on hope

Change the way that people think
Things will never be the same
Theres not enough time to think
And I'm scared to talk to you
You might just notice me
I wish I could be someone else
Someone you could talk to
Someone who could make you melt

The planes are a rocking pirate ship and I'm not ready to walk the plank
I havn't saved the kids
Save the kids
Breathe underwater
And live a secret

I loathe the world, I hate the system
Too much talking and suicides by hanging
And my queen might pick the oxygen to capture
Happieness forever gone
So what am I doing?
You must not loose your mind in this
You must paint
You must not miss
Or see your portrait created
You may be stuck and weighed down
Focus on the corner of her face
It's all there
What you need to know
Portait of a dead soul

I whisper in the silent thought
It takes time for the leaves to fall
But headaces climax reluctently
We will be, for reality