Mental Connection Letra

Polluted Inheritance


Letra de Mental Connection
Awakened, yet I see only darkness
I curse the god that got me born - Got me gifted
I sense the closing, the arrive is near
From dead-men, thoughts come my way
All that's deceased
Forcing their grief
Of what once was upon me
Clearing their souls of misery and leaving me be

Rain of thoughts piercing me
From unknown identities
Experience their Ensuing fate
Relive their lives
Their pain, their hate
The pain of death fulfilling me
Again to see life's destiny, release me

A torture again to see
Lost souls in obscurity
Seeking their way through me
To absorb their agone

Mental connection

He is free from misery
His work is done by me

God is no saviour
On that part I reign
To whom will I leave my pain?
When I die?