Letra de Nothing Is Pure
Put the money away in a safe place
Maybe then one day you'll get the chance
To say what you need to say
Was there a line in a song that made you feel that way?
You said the only time you run is when there's nothing left to find
Yeah, okay, I've had enough
I know I'm not the most fun when I stare on the couch
When I'm pulling the teeth from my mouth

If I made a pretty joke, would you take in hanging from your neck?
Would you accept my kiss knowing I am not the best?
I've watched what you do when you think I'm asleep
I know when you lie because of the way
You say I'm always biding my time again

I felt your body next to mine last night in my sleep
For a minute, I felt like all that shit I said was behind us then
How'd you cast what I do?
I know you games, I play them too
Having thought, don't want to lack
I would if you want me to

And my consequence is playing too close to others
When all points cross from one another
I'm getting bored with what I say
How I write, forget the words
When I do, I always misspell your name

You see inside the strings of my neck
Then you rest your lips on my forehead
Cry and cry again and my arms on your breast
Tried to be the only thing I thought was fun
Now I know that I'm the only one
For the best, expecting nothing in return