Letra de One Goodbye
Yesterday, I read words on the edge of a bridge that said

That life has no point, then you die, I'm not listening

'Cause I know what's right

it's making me dance in the first light after night

Dropping hands with the lies that held onto me

Now, they can't get a hold on me I say

"One goodbye, better now than later"

I can't stand this weight on me

I'll say "One goodbye, I'm off to something greater"

I don't want 'em holding me down

I'm flying, I'm not coming down

With my heart in the sky, and my feet on the ground

I wish sometimes the things of this world would move

To the back of my mind

And catch the clue that they're not welcome here

'Cause the story goes, you give up your life and

You're gaining so much more

But there's glory at the end of this tragedy

I lost the concrete on my feet,

I'm not going sink in a breathless drink,

I float in the sky 'cause I've been set free