The Chronicles Of Giardia Pt. 1: Infection Letra

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Letra de The Chronicles Of Giardia Pt. 1: Infection
The water in the lake looked so sanitary and nice.

It looked much better than the pool or sitting on blocks of ice.

Besides the pool was crowded and too small to fit a canoe.

And camping on the concrete side of a chlorine tank ain't cool.

So for a week me and my buddies camped out on the perimeter

Of a body of water in need of some sort of animals pooping in it limiter.

Jimmy drank some untreated water one fateful day.

And there was enough fecal matter to make his butt start to spray.

Like the blowhole of a whale just with contents not as pure.

The next few days to me and my comrades was a blur.

Jimmy's butt sprayed like a fountain.

His eyes teared up like he was countin'.

On the madness to end and the crazyness to pass.

As far as it was concerned, There were parasites in his ass.

We came to the lake figuring that we'd party hardia,

But we never thought we'd live out the chronicles of giardia.