Worthless White Trash Scummy Mustache Gangter Kid Letra

Pinko And The Action Boys

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Letra de Worthless White Trash Scummy Mustache Gangter Kid
Monday Morning comes and goes, but this dink doesn't even change his clothes.
Other Kids Are still at school, but not this jerk, no, he's to cool.
Tries to haul himself out of bed, but changes his mind, and stays insead.
Don't look to Far, he's always around, he'll live here forever, and die in this town.

Worthless White Trash,
Shave your Mustache,
Grow your hair back,
Cut that G Crap!

Hood up, Mouth Open wide, on the side of the road looking for a ride.
Mad at the cops, "yeah they're keeping us down, every where you look, the're always around."
Hanging at the mall, yeah he's the man, the logo on his shirt? Wu-Tang Clan
Friday Night and he's on the phone, "Hey guys, lets go out and get stoned!"
Monday again and nothing's changed, you're still a white trash G-Kid in Bridgtion, ME
Your either upstairs smoking pot, our downstairs with your friends on LSD.
Do what you want, I don't mind, just get the Hell away from me cause your wasting my time.