Letra de Lovers Into Ghosts
Watch our hero as he grows impatient
hes irritated so he keeps her waiting
building up suspense is good for leverage
and she approaches
chewing words that he said
a question mark thats penciled over her head
she is treating bullet wounds with bandages
and she says I dont really wanna wait forever wake up its nor or never my lifes not on hold for you
oh god thats when it hurts the most
when your reckless indiscretion is turning lovers into ghosts
then its real
god thats when it counts the most
falling as she says that I am living for nothing
dying for proof
hes so surprised to find he cant stop it
the more he thinks about it the more he says fuck it
this is the last time that Im yours and youre mine he says with great relief
but its not over
this is no denouement
another calendar replaced
as every hotel taunts the fact that she is over him
and he says every conversation I remember ended with ill see you in November two months isnt all that long
shes a bomb and youve lit the fuse