Don't Ever Change Letra

Pink Nasty

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Letra de Don't Ever Change
T-t-t-time fades

L-l-l-love fades

M-m-m-music fades


I gave you my heart and you

Took a stand

Against the odds

I gave you my watch, watch me

I, I took out some money

And you, you took out the trash

I asked you out on a date

But you said no, no, no, no, no...

Please don't shower

Deoderant stains on your back

And please give me the power

This feels like love but on crack

And please don't wear any make up

Please baby won't you shut the fuck up?

Coz you know that I love you

And no words can describe this feeling

That I'm feeling


Don't ever change

Coz you know

I don't like you...

That way

No no

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

No no, no no

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Say you love me one time

Say you love me two times

Say you love me three times

Say you love me six times

Say you love me nine times

Say you love me eleven...times




Forever and ever and ever!