Letra de Don't Need No
Pink Dollaaaaaz I don't need no nigga no, no cash, cash me out cash, cash me out don't need no nigga no, no cash, cash me out cause I'm a gold digger... I don't need no niggaaaaa, I don't need no niggaaaaa

[Ce Ce]:
So tired uv you broke niggaz think you got cheese so played out kinda lyke a south pole tee gone skeet skeet rememba you didn't know me bout a year ago when you left me lonely Ce Ce with two C's I'm a down beat straight rider and cum frum a killer breed straight killin off you jerks straight killin off you rodgerz I can bust a backflip cause stuntin is a habit feed a carrot 2 a rabbit wanna be my pet so you wanna showcase cause you getz no respect I turn a nigga into aim nd hiz aim into block talking lyke a fake boss frum dat point u get dropped got this cold barber [? ] Need why even bother on a date all I do is leave um I don't need um all he good for is goose broke em' down for hiz last buck known with nd now I'm with da boo Pink Dollaaaaaz!


I don't need no nigga you ain't cashin me out cause I'm a gold digger sick nd tired of deez dudes thynkin dey ballin now I'm a pink dolla nd he won't stop callin all in my ear lyke I miss u Mocha drink nd lay down piss on lyke cola you do need nada I rip ya pockets ya mama's nd ya poppa's If it ain't about money it ain't worth my tyme I'm stackin pink dollas while ya'll stackin pink dimes I feed ya'll niggaz up nd toss you lyke a habit when I see da money I'm quick to grab it I stay hopin on hiz dick lyke I'm rodger rabbit I'm stackin my nd I ain't playin no games I dare any chick to step in my lane nd you'll neva hear me say dat I need you lamez


[Camy B:]
Do I need em! nope! Just a waste uv tyme I'm sittin in L.A with dat money on my mind deez boyz ain't nuttin but a player in da game you can take my dollaz but can't take my fame I get my own dollaz nd I buy my own blow but why befoe I don't want dat drug eva since I blew up all deez niggaz tryna wife me buy me all deez clothez nd tryna keep me icy blowin up my phone so I blocked um on "A" shake me so much dey givin me a migraine swimming thru ya mind lyke da ocean yea Camy B got dat magic potion gets none frum me so go get ya magic lotion drop you lyke a lost lil puppy in da open tell ya baby girl "I run deez streets" ain't no competition cause I can't be beat

[Chorus: Til End]