Letra de Neighbor
Little insect upside down and trying
To right-side up itself felt by my right foot tapping
Squirming mechanism and it spins and tips vertical
But in my alien eye, I can see he is beautiful

Well I love my neighbor
I love his determined behavior
If it were me I'd probably might have just stayed there

Mid-sized opossum in front of my house, dying
Collided with the vehicle driving it out through the lightning
She falls down softly in the middle of the lane, incoming
And it's clearly incumbent on me to run out to her and do something

As I approach her there I'm suddenly squirming
And I'm scared and I'm trying to do right but I guess I desecrate everything

Well I love my neighbor
I loved her courageous behavior
The rainout shines out of her mouth and it points back to nature

Morning gosling echoing wide around me
A "V" migrating down easy to better climate
The startling shot rings out and now the geese are all screaming
And the marksman's adrenaline's up as he stands up smiling

Well I love my neighbor
But don't understand his behavior
I love that bird but I don't ever want to take her