Letra de Flora
I insist it wasn’t always like this
I saw the sun shining red in the grass
With every fiber vibrating alive
I lie down and lower my eyes
Until the sun fell low in the yard
Feeling the territory coming down

Then I'm out
'Cause I don't hear the sound
And I know I’m lost wherever I walk now

Now I'm bowing outside, nothin’ feels good
Take a blue meander into the woods
Nothing's shinin’ like I feel like it should
And the birds singin’ dissonant tunes
Singing’ the sadness of the afternoon
And on the distance I’m hearin’ it through

And then I’m out
'Cause I don't hear the sound
And I know I’m lost wherever I walk without

I’m bowing down now in the flora
I’m bendin’ down to the floor now
And I’m dreamin’, don’t worry
I’m just prayin’ now to the forest
To the flora
To the floor now