Letra de Get Back
It's one way Cheap ticket Wrong lane Head on collision And it's getting late Time's tickin' Don't wait for your position At the red light There's no stoppin' Just drop the pedal Let the speed keep risin' CHORUS: Get back on your feet Get back in the fight Get back in the ring And get back in the light Get back in the flames Get back in the fire Get back on the stage You got to get back A sweat breaks You're not ready To face the fury Of a one-man army Well it's too late The heat's coming No turning back No time for running So you get ready Lace up the gloves No laying down now When push comes to shove CHORUS (The fight isn't over) I was a coward While facing the lions But now I've got my Toe to the line [2x] The fight isn't over The dream is alive And we'll keep fighting For the rest of our lives This fire is burning Us all up inside So we'll keep on Fighting FIGHTING CHORUS 2x