Forever Starts Now Letra


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Letra de Forever Starts Now
You've been looking all your life To find a place to hide To cover up the hurt And the sorrow in your cry All the choices that we make And the chances that we take Define you in the end But your heart's about to break These five words I pray You would find your way So you will always have That one more day CHORUS: Can you tell me what you're waiting for? Tell me what you're looking for Waiting on forever Forever starts now Can you tell me what it's all about? Tell me why you live in doubt Waiting on forever Forever starts now You've been wasting all your time Asking yourself why No matter what you find You're running out of time (Don't waste another day) There's exceptions to the rule You don't have to play the fool You don't have to run and hide Or justify your lies So reach inside yourself Take the bitterness you've held Leave it all behind The clock starts now CHORUS What're you waitin' for? 3x THE CLOCK STARTS NOOOW! CHORUS Waiting on forever FOREVER STARTS NOW Waiting of forever