A Labyrinth With No Center Letra


Green And Gray

Letra de A Labyrinth With No Center
Leave well enough alone
To you too
And to you too
Then I drain into sleep

There are few that in whom I'd confide
So I'll try my hand at being weightless
I'll come to and continue to get by
No outlet I guess

So then forward
And incomplete
At best at peace
At rest at least

Patterns and habits
I live inside them now
I hope to trap myself in a museum piece
Admired in a flattering light and at night left be
Finding something in no answers
A labyrinth with no center

Forge my way to some other side
Where I assume it'll be weightless
Weight announces itself as a new surprise
That I know I should have seen coming

Stretching out until something tears
Like chewing sand or swallowing hair
And your best foot
Then met with ambivalence
Resounding and with flip ignorance
But I live here now
Then acceptance of what I choose and its place in nowhere
Unearthing what might have no use
My new position and place of residence