Originalz (feat. Mikah 9) Letra

Pigeon John

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Letra de Originalz (feat. Mikah 9)
Once in awhile i like to kick it With those who got a pose a flow so wicked now Versitile as a child used to follow know I lead A freaking whole stampede now True general I command the crowd With wiles and crazy witty itty little ditties We've been around since the dawn of underground Slapped it's butt and heard it's sound now What you gonna do when me and original Individuals come out for you What you gonna say when you don't know That we been reppin' as pioneers in L.A. Where you gonna go when we don't share the flow And you stuck in the road and need a tow now Where you gonna stay when you not reconginze the Mikah 9 the one the PJ now Chorus: It's the original Individual get residual you can sign petitions though but It's the original Unconditional all religion to flow they don't know it's a mission yo It's the original You need to listen yo wishy washy flow never deal with this condition yo It's the original Treat you critical when you pitiful you don't know that it's visual Pigeon and Mike the religion is to unite But all of them are wishing to fight Don't know they missing all wrong There be songs that we utilize to make us stronger And the devil we do must conquer Ride her indeed and excite her Igniting a bomb from days beyond Mikah Niner And Pigeon John two dollar llamas For the price of one drama you don't know we be on some (Who are you?) Everybody knows me I'm O to the G from my bare toes to my head see Know walk any set without a threat >From east New York to Watts' projects represent freedom Free from the mundane hum drum rumbling Underneath the mainstream dum dums It's the kingdom we come from alumni We do bring some fruit from the most high Chorus It's the original Nothing typical not politcal we will keep it all biblical It's the original Man indigenous aboriginal not a criminal It's the original ??????? It's the original Not the minimal Mike and Pigeon'll serve you analag to digital No hold up who thought that they had this game sowed up So what you don't want to pull a mac out the truck pimp strut on your guts Oh nuts you can through them if you want to But i swoll him i told him i tell him a brother is swelling the cerebelum with a word that I just throwed up Like my set but no luck You stuck in a pattern circling Saturn In a mix gravitational flux And there's no cuts we ahead of the pups and pack raps and float free in the particle dust We just some originaters that's ahead of the bunch That got there mouths wide open and they're ready for lunch But there's No exit no entrance you perplexed Like infants from my own invention Chorus It's the original Not to pigeon hole wanna 9 ball we can do it anytime ya'll It's the original Never cinicle do you clinical and the music is the vehicle It's the original Unconventional multi-deminsional pleasure principal bicentinial to millinium five star general We just some originators that's ahead of the bunch They got they mouths wide open and they're ready for lunch "Best MCs in the whole gyms class" (2X)