Letra de Stone Feeling
It's 3 o'clock in the morning And I've been drinking since 1/2 past noon All my friends have fallen around me I've just been ending this mood I stumble from my apartment 'Cuz I've been putting in here for so long I've been nothing where nothing's all past And have my body reform All of my ex-girlfriends hate me Because I've turned their lives into shame There's just one love that burns inside me It leaves me great and insane

(chorus: Hold onto that stone feeling For as long as you can Hold onto that stone feeling For as long as you can)

I got to go get my thing on Before I dry up and blow away Sunlight shines through my broken window I'm burning love in the shade I always knew I would love you So I kept trying to come in again My way of loving you badly holds me I'll bet that it never ends I know you're always there for me You never treated me bad This is the best kind of feeling to give me The only love that I have I know you'll never betray me Spend time with you every day All other men said it wasn't meant to be Won't let them take you away