Letra de Quicksand
I thought it was infatuation, I couldn't find the bridges behind me Here today, gone tomorrow, never thinking loving wouldn't find me Now my fee is love, I'm after, my courts show the walls of disaster 'cause

(chorus: Love is like quicksand, I'm sinking deeper and deeper baby But the mountain of my mistakes, is looking steeper and steeper baby)

I will solve the things to loving, and it was a case of taking or leaving So I crossed it off as usual, your love came, I couldn't believe it So like a child who plays with fire, I'm going after my own desire, 'cause


Can't you see I'm sinking baby, come on help me now, help me now, Come on help me now, help me now This is more than just flirtations, sure it's not a hopeless situation 'cause

(chorus) x7