Letra de Ace Miller
Hey baby, have I seen you here before? Well I'd like to get to know you just a little more What's a nice girl like you I said a doin' in a place like this Your eyes are so beautiful how about just a little kiss

(chorus: Ace Miller, he's a lady killer, he's nothin' but a lady thriller, Ace Miller, Ace Miller.)

I'm a Scorpio baby tell me your sign Would you like to go to my place or maybe for a ride If I told you you had a nice body would you hold it against me I'm throbbin' poppin' I love the feeling just a little naughty, yeah

(chorus) x2

Ace Miller, when I see you Ace Miller, I think finger-licking good Ace Miller, I'll teach you things to do that I never ever thought you could God was a thief 'cause he stole the stars and put'em in you eyes baby I'll say this right now, this ain't no pick up line.