Letra de Flava
Party all night,party all night,party all night (Roll with da flava)Can´t bring myself to sleepSo I get the keys to my jeepThere´s nothin´I ain´t gonna do tonightDial on my room number 211´Cos I hear there´s a jamthat´s goin onThe feelin is so goodin my neighbourhoodRefrain:Ooh there´s somethin´ special`bout tonightAnd I know it´s on´Cos everybodys got their groove onI wanna let it goAre ya here with meI wanna hear the party singIf ya down throw ya hands up in the airThe mac´s back wid da flava of the yearHere we go there´s a party over hereOh yes there is:(Party all night,party all night,party all night)Ain´t got no time to thinkSo I grab a drinkThey´ve got the type thet I likeand I ain´t gonna waste no timeBack in the corner of the roomI see the oneand she makes my heart go boomOne smile and I´m leavinall my friends behindRefrainI´m savin party-sing itChorus if ya down....Chorus 2 if ya wanna swingLet me do my thingAnd everybody ajm with me(Everybody,move your body)If ya wanna swingLet me do my thingAnd everybody jam with me(Everybody,move your body)Rap:Throw ya hands in the airIf ya know ya got the flavaTake it all the wayWith a man like DreFlavour in your earFor the year,no doubt´Cos I got the wack jamSo turn the party outI´d like to get with youGet busy,get downI wanna rock with youJust like Bobby BrownDrunk as hell blazin´Up with smokeTonight´s the nightMother***** no jokeChorus to fade