Just Born To Be Your Baby Letra

Perry Como

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Letra de Just Born To Be Your Baby
Just born to be your baby Just born Some people are born to be doctors Some are born to be lumberjacks Some are born just to take life easy The others are born to break their backs CHORUS: But I'm just born to be your baby Just born to love you baby It's true, nobody else will do Some people will kiss and nothing happens Other hearts are made of stone But whenever I feel our lips meet Something starts crawling all through my bones CHORUS If now and then you start to wonder Will I be the perfect mate Don't you worry my pretty little darlin It was all arranged by fate CHORUS Some people will search for love a lifetime Some never feel love in their hearts But I was born with a silver spoon I had your love right from the start CHORUS REPEAT 3 MORE TIMES Nobody else will do [repeat 3 times to FADE]