Make It Better Letra


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Letra de Make It Better
Whats with this urge, to follow the herd it seems like

Being individual is s cliched as it is benal

Wheres this level that we've sunk

When high streets dictate what we've done

We'll try our best to belong, even if it feels wrong

So fall out, into cliques. Keep trying til something clicks

This constant quest to alidate ourselves goes unheard

Well i guess what this means acceptance is elusive it seems

Sing these words of values spent, to the tune of detiment

But, things can change.

I'm no Mr T but i know things don't have to be this way

Things can change

So lets start a brand ne line on a brand new page of a brand new manual

We are not here to guide you through

All that we can offer is a different point of view

So lets not make this a You, By Us or an Us, By You

Lets just focus on what to do

So sing along but don't lose your voice

Lets separate our point of view from, Choice

I can't represent, but its the closest that we've come

Showin youy can kill yourself in more ways than just one

No revolutions starting here, no adgenda and you'll see

You can lie to me and to yourself but

to be happy, you must first be