Falling Apart To Double Time Letra


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Letra de Falling Apart To Double Time
Tell me if there really is a difference

Half-time rock outs, half-time cop outs

We bang our heads to 30 BPM

its not enough to induce emotion

with speeding riffs of sheer devotion, why?

We live in a music devolution

Far away from the great solution

This is what happens when influence

only goes as deep

AS the pages of the mags this week

Music is slowly becoming stale and inbred

As everybody tries to be the latest trend

Theres no one left who can bring the offensive

Its just all mindless recollection

Coated in self-induldgence

This is an age where its cool to whine

Tears from constant heartache always seem to make you blind

The tightrope that your walkings gonna snap

Then i can chime right back

with a stop cashing in on crap

What can we do, is there a compromise?

Should we sit back and watch this bastard monster rise?

Should we join in and half-time all our songs

So we can give the kids a

fighting chance to sing along

Or should we say something to let them know

We could be the fore-runners of this Punk Rock show

Well iam proud to say that choice is mine

So lets deliver the line

That we're falling apart to double time