The Trouble With River Cities Letra


Anytown Graffiti

Letra de The Trouble With River Cities
Float like a sparrow
t-top camaro
is the wind done blowin you down?
do you need oxygen
do you need out of your room
are we waiting on a hot air balloon?
at times when you tremble
you seem to resemble
a window that stayed open too long
and your old crown of thorns
he knocks at your door
and you trade places with the shadows on the floor

there will be hells to pay
for all we forgot to say or criss-crossed up some mixed up love
and yeah there's an undertow
but it ain't got me

it comes through the ceiling
it is listening through the wall
and it's waiting in the empty hall.
well reach for your branch
in your avalanche cause it might be your walking stick home


i know i know
it's the trouble with river cities
i know i know...
that's the trouble with river cities