Burn City Letra


Burn City

Letra de Burn City
(feat. Kye)

[Verse 1:]
They say life's not worth living in Burn City
Work 40 hours a week until you turn 60
Earn fifty grand a year, debt for eternity
No sleep, no rest is a certainty
We choose to adhere, persuing careers
Like border men on parades, the brute with sincere
Losing our rights, using our fears
Burn City - one day I'll be moving from here
Going back to the cave, the embrionic stage
Before the, black clouds and atomic rain
Before the, black wave on Boxing Day
Before the, man-made economic plague
Burn City lost her way, she's not the same
She forgot about the streets we populate
So we compensate in a lot of ways and intoxicate ourselves to stop the pain

[Chorus: Pegz and Kye (Kye)]
(Burn City)
What happened to the passion we had, I know you like the back of my hand
(Burn City)
I told you I'd be packing my bags if you ever turned your back on my fam
(Burn City)
That's the sound of an angry crowd singing
(Burn, burn, burn, Burn City)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I see bluecollars sweating, their families stressing
I see, whitecollars on anti-depressants
I see, unemployed looking anxiously reckless
Everybody's tryna manage gravities pressures
Has the standard of living gradually risen, we're like
Battery hens - mechanically driven
And it's hard to explain like humanities vision
And who's to blame for the planets condition
Everyday another chapter is written with passionate lyrics
Another character witness is tragically missing
Another young kid's landed in prison
We all slip through the cracks and abandon the system
Burn City, you don't own the streets
We closed our minds and postponed our dreams
You sold us out and promoted greed but you won't defeat my people's only beef


[Verse 3]
We lose confidence glued to computer monitors
World's apart within a few kilometres
Anonymous expats drifting through the metropolis
Close my eyes and vision a new apocalypse
Revenge of the everyday folk, burn down the city and regenerate growth
Watch the flames rise like the end of Waco
Skyscrapers fall in a breath of grey smoke
What happened to the corner stone, you don't celebrate or support your own?
There's no tolerance to those who walk below
Burn City - the city that I call my home


[Vocals: Kye]
Well I made it this far, built it all from scratch
When all things were looking bad, yo I needed to step back
So I gripped all my senses and I pushed on through
And I got out of that mess, and I saw the light