7 Days 6 Nights Letra


Burn City

Letra de 7 Days 6 Nights
[Verse 1:]
7 days 6 nights in paradise
11 months of hard work building an appetite
A lifetime of dedication to keep you satisfied
Catch a mystery flight into a rapper's mind
Unwind like a beach in Byron
Or a full moon party at the Phi Phi Islands
Find relief, when you need reviving
Leave behind the city like freedom fighters
Stress relief like sex on ecstasy
48 weeks to invest in equity
Don't sleep like meth dependency
You'll get gunned down like Tibetan refugees
Nothing lasts forever, it's impermanence
Turn you into fossil fuels and keep burning it
Everyday starting from scratch and relearning it
Everyday study the math and seek purposes

(One) - One dirty mind
(Two) - Two murky eyes
(Three) - Three early flights
10 000 miles from a perfect life, it goes...
(Four) - Four Bourbon Drys
(Five) - And I'm first in line
(Six) - 7 Days 6 Nights
10 000 miles from a perfect life

[Verse 2:]
7 days 6 nights of animal instincts
A one-way ticket, travelling business
Random acts of passion and kinship
Back packing through Paris in winter
Damage ya liver, with a Japanese stripper
And wake up in a national geographical picture
It don't matter if a mans got millions
If his minds still living in the Bangkok Hilton
As the clock ticks and the hand strikes midnight
Drinks flowing like a Bondi riptide
Whole crew sitting front row ringside
Shining like northern lights with insight
Pack my bags, build my posterior
Like an old Enfield across India
Ride till the wheels come off in Bolivia
Intoxicated, lost in Siberia


[Verse 3:]
7 days 6 nights, an annual vacation
Depart from the everyday stress of maintaining
Arrive wherever the next wave takes us
Fugitives running from yesterdays wasted
Forget about cars, petrol, parking
Forget about leaving the rental market
Forget about debt to the sheriff's department
And the government made us a terrorist target
7 days 6 nights, 5 early flights
4 clubs, 3 bottles of Bourbon Dry
2 murky eyes, 1 dirty mind
No regrets for anything I learn in life