What Would Happen? Letra



Letra de What Would Happen?
[Verse 1:]
What would happen if today was your last
Would you wake up early get blazed in the park
Would you get off your face in a bar
Would you make love sniffin coccaine in a spa
Would you say sorry for mistakes in your past
Would you try and forgive her for breaking your heart
Would you get what you came to ask before you're gone
Write a letter or record a song
Would you scuba dive, sky dive, hire a Ferrari
Pent house party, set fire to your money
Would you rob the bank, house the homeless
Donate your organs to lousy smokers
Would you focus on your close fam
Cook up a feast of cray fish and spit roast lamb
Would you go back home, walk the streets score some E's
Get off your guts and talk to police
Would you dance to your favourite track
If it was played full blast on a train that's packed
Would you hijack a plane and crash it into parliament
For the freedom to protest an argument
Would you wish you could rewind and start again
Stop playin the harlequin

Wake up tomorrow morning
See the sun shine bright
Wake up tomorrow morning
See the sun shine bright

[Verse 2:]
Would you surf the crowd at a James Brown concert
Sing everyword and drink till you vomit
Would you wanna meet the Queen or Dalai Lama
Would you wanna meet George Bush or Osama
Would you wanna meet Ja Rule or Bambaataa
It's what you've done not where you're at or from brother
Are you chained to a desk are you brave with your heart
Are you diggin in the trench in the rain and the mud
I got something that I came ask, what would happen if today was your last
Are you sittin on the bench, are you makin your mark
Afraid of the future and ashamed of the past
I got something that I came ask
What would happen if today was your last?


[Verse 3:]
Would you try a threesome in the back of a Commodore
With a box of Cadbury chocolate body sauce
Would you want it all, tour the Greek Islands
Safari through the Congo to see lions
Would you know the mystery of the Amazon
Would you know the history of the land you're on?
Would you know the industry's a paragon for slimy mother fuckers like Alan Bond
Would you save earth or finish a days work
It's too late, your spirit's a caged bird
Would you make it worth your while
Go tonight, take a bus, steal a posty's motorbike
Would you globalise or let everybody know
We're all victims of economic growth
Would you make a mends, savour every second
Take revenge on your boss with a heavy weapon
Would you let 'em know your darkest secret
Reveal all in your partners grieving
Would you escape from a Divvy van
Fuck like you're being taped on mini cam
What would happen if today was your last?
That's what I came to ask