Letra de On Dat Freestyle
Blue Lagoon brick from Iceland
Punching bags like I'm Tyson
Redbone Mighty feisty
Sipping Hi-Tech mixed with Waiki
Kick my Pimpin like Mr. Miyagi
Foreign Italy trapping Exotics
Ain't no slipping pocket Rocket poppin
Yeah I'm out here catching boxes
Yeah I'm out here with them roxy's
Yeah I'm out here Pocket Rocket Poppin
Double G Double-C trip to Italy
Colin Kaepernick stamped on the key
I ain't never seen a nigga like me where he from? I'd like to meet him I be serving in a Polo T
50 bands to my Jeweller burr 3-D
In the pan with the pure call her Keke
In the shower she Fuckin like MeMe
Out the back door rolling on repeat
On a perc pill make a bitch peepee
How the vert feel riding down Peachtree?
With a 3peat wanna go an free me
Kodak he got kesha 'n Glee Glee
Six speed in the Rari goin beep beep
See the boogers in the Patek Philippe piece
Got them babies in the trunk say I'm deadbeat
With the scales and the bales I don't miss a beat
Get the bales vacuum sealed so they don't reek
Gotta a lot in the area where they dont be
Young nigga with me sting like bumblebee
With the sticks they chop through your family tree
I get geeked up and go get that busy-bee
Went from 33, 23, to 18
Plug with the ice insert 13
Kick the front door, searching like the search team
Lean promethazine on my kidney's
Enfamil in the trap we got wic weed
John Wick with the shot, can't see me
When I pop it they look like it's TV
Christian Dior, Dubai 63 (Dubai)
Real street nigga, chopper on the seat
I do pop-ups and meet and greets, yeah
I got clock-in and check-out sheets
Got her skeetin' on Cavalli sheets
Balenciaga Tripper steppin on Three
A Brick of Harry Potter'll cost you a fee
Room full of narcs, it might make you OD
I eat my plate and it make me obese (Young nigga)
200 back to back 5 times a week (Let's get it)
Count up the digits let it pile on me
Pretty little bitch let her ride on me
Never let that bitch get you in too deep
Microwave new colors, nigga too street
Walk in the club got a dope-boy physique
Took my new lil bitch on a Dior spree

Shop baby, 'till you drop baby
I need dome on the way home ridin' inside that drop baby
I make plays whats your most common denominator
I got Cartier's on my face like terminator
And these stankin bitches think they slicker than activator