Letra de Moon
(first class trip i just went to the Moon)
(All a nigga eat is vegan food)
I was on the couch watching Star Trek
Weighing up bags i was to into it so my girl got mad
Got loud residue on my daughter iPad
Got a brand new stick with a hundred round mag
Mixing these strains i be going these hybrids
Driving this spaceship feeling like a pilot
Leave a nigga i the dirt have him pushing up violets
Bitch back stage tryna show me her private's
Selling gas all day shid i done got tired
Nigga talk too much shid i done got annoyed
Every iPhone tapped so i got a Android
Got a F-150 catching plays out a Ford
At the crib setting goals writing plans on the board
I ain't from England but a King like George
When i light a blunt it make too much noise
Futuristic whip it don't need no fuel
Swimming ina bitch i don't need no pool
Already smart i dont need no school
Imma shine anyway i don't need no jewels
Taking off inside of space like a astronaut do
Gotta Hydroponics setup just to grow in my room
Bet a bitch catch a contact she come in my room
DMT me i just ate two shrooms

First class trip i just went to the Moon
All a nigga eat is vegan food
I just want ya face hope ya don't feel used
I just want [?]
Some of these bitches be devils like Duke

I be in a whole nother galaxy
10 VPNs ain't no tracking me
And my wrist sound like a supernova