Letra de 36
I'm in the pot with thirty-six Os
They cook on the stove (They cook on the stove)
I got a grip, who want a boot?
Come play with your nose (Come play with your nose)
Baguette, it be gold, bust down AP
Cuban link, Mr. T, A*Team
VVS make a bitch daydream
Turn the trap house to the trapese
Two-two-three make you stampede
Got rats in the pack and they uneven
I'ma fuck bitches like on E
I'm a dope boy like Young Jeezy
Got bricks, they season, Kanyeezy
Off-White drip like I'm Jesus
Fill up the cup like [?][0:33]
Roll up the Runts, don't smoke Diesel
Wrist in the pot with the [?][0:36]
Made a bitch [?][0:37]
AK hit 'em, can't shit beat us
Don't touch on [?][0:41] with them [?]
[?] with a GT (Switch it up)
I put the bags [?]
Backin' up the mail truck, beep-beep (Stack it up)
Stack it up, the scale go, "Deet-deet-deet-deet"
[?][0:49] and my shoes Chanel, CC (CCs)
Draco came with titties and them bitch is double D-Ds
VVs make your eyes blurry, it be hard to see these
Got Cartier [?][0:58] like hardwood, can't see this shit with 3D (See these)
Step on the brick with DG (Step on 'em)
[?][1:02] came with three kis (Skrrt-skrrt)
I double up pounds of [?]
Hit turbo when I'm in the GT
Stick came with turbulent two-two-three
Run up the murder rate fuckin' with me
Make 'em go vegan, we eat up the beef (Who want it?)
Get off a bean then get off the leash
Longway the dean, I'm comin' to teach
I fuck a thot on the passenger seat
I made a [?][1:16]
Four pockets all filled up with guallo
I bought that bitch a lil' body, let's fuck up the profit
You know it's gon' come in tomorrow
I'm a the top of the mountain, just thumbin' and countin'
You know we gon' run through [?][1:24]
Homie just got a lil' time, let's flood the yard
You know we gon' go through the guard
Longway the valet the way that I park 'em
Cutters gon' cut through your head like a barber
Sharper, [?][1:31]
I'm in the kitchen straight whippin' the raw
[?][1:34] state of the art