There But For The Grace... Letra

Parlour Steps

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Letra de There But For The Grace...
An orgasm ain't success, however
It feels close enough in this cold weather.
I'll lose myself if you promise to lose you too.
Tonight we go get drunk in the city,
The one painted over to look to hussy.
Not a trace of that old forest,
Just a soundless and empty chorus.
I got mine too.
Humbled by misfortune.
We'll get ours' too.
Always writing our songs about redemption.
What are we working for together?
If not for some earthly core or better?
Sexual power paid by the hour in a room without a door.
Darling save your sense of humour!
It's easier believin' in faith and rumour!
Doubt is a higher function;
It's hard work believin' in nothing.
And what do you believe?
What wakes you up in the middle of the night?
Nothing kills the light faster than to mix a cynic with a narcissistic.