Gargoyle's Passion Letra

Parlour Steps

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Letra de Gargoyle's Passion
He's sitting heavy drunk with one eye cocked to the sky.
The other's fixed on us at a bus stop on a bright night.
He says “ You'll be lucky this whole damn life!
You'll marry her and you'll dance in the fire
And the moon's a peep hole into the next life!
You'll be lucky this whole damn life!”

Now he's staring directly at me
As we share the air the smells faintly of the sea,
And he says to me “ There'll be trouble this whole damn night!
You see the stuff that makes us up is fallible our whole lives!
There'll be trouble this whole damn night!”

Now the man only inhabits our growing past
As the bus inches slowly under a night sky full of glass
And significance is traveling from the man to our hands to the stars
To the gargoyles watching coldly from the shadows of their dark towers.
We don't need the shadows lightened!
We don't need the dust swept away!
We don't need to understand everything!
We don't need to be perfect one day!
You'll be wandering, wondering, wandering
This whole damn life!
At the miracles, the tragedies, the epiphanies
The head and the heart and the eyes.