Letra de Uncertain
I can´t belive that this is true, I´m the one who has no clue Don´t wanna belive this is the end after all what happens the time we spent All the days passed by with days we loughed and days we cried And love is always close to hate I can´t belive that it is too late So I wanna know what is this only a joke or a real kiss Don´t wanna here we will see cause the time is against me All the talks, all the agrue, all the fun and all these words The candle nights, the poster on the wall, wasn´t it true at all The misttakes I made was unsureness that is not a fake I really never lied to you but I was scared to loose you So I turned into a wrong way, wanted to intedruce you every day I´m here and I shout it out don´t play with me give me no doubt So remember us when we've been fine we cooked together and we drunk wine Were'nt we together were'nt we free I can't loose yo can't you see Now im confused cause you are gone, you ly in different arms can't hear this song Kiss your real boyfriend there is nothing I can do I hate lovesongs but I still love you Don't tell me what's wrong or right Don't wanna give up the fight Don't tell me whats right or wrong Don't wanna be your fucking clown