Stupid Or Something Letra

The Paranoids

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Letra de Stupid Or Something
You must be joking.
Girl are you smoking that shit again?
Don't you know it's 3 a.m.?
You've called from your cell phone
from the women's bathroom.
This can't be right.
Girl, let's call it a night.
But you don't know what I'm saying
You don't know what I'm saying . .

There must be millions of other phone numbers
that you could call, surely I'm not the only one.
There must be hundreds of thousands of others
willing to endure this relentless verbal assault.
But you don't know what I'm saying . . .

you've got to be stupid or something.
Girl, this ain't right.
You're keeping me up all night,
I said you've got to listen, here.
You've got to let this go.
I'm just an asshole.
Let's leave it at that so
I don't have to listen to this
up every night on the phone.