Letra de The Cable Hookup
Some people change their mind
And get a change of heart
So if I'm just changing channels
She don't take it to heart
Her entertainment center's
Just so state of the art
I just want to watch TV

When she goes to work
My friends all come to the house
She's got a flat screen TV
And a comfortable couch
Don't get me wrong
It's not what love is about
I just want to watch TV

Who's got a lighter for my smoke
Who'll lend me money when I'm broke
Who'll let me kick it on the couch
All day, yeah
She's got cable

See I'm that type of guy
Who can't save a cent
I have to rob my landlord
So I can pay my rent
I'm so broke all my money
It just came and went
I just want to watch TV

I don't keep up
On any current events
Cause when I try to watch the news
I feel hurt and depressed
I don't vote cause
It's way to much work to get dressed
I just want to watch TV


She's got surround sound speakers
And a satelite dish
So man the only time I get up
Is the bathroom to piss
I had a couple good girls
But never had it like this
I just want to watch TV

She's got four hundred channels
On remote control
So when she's coming home from work
She knows I'm always home
Chillin on the couch
Cause man I'm always stoned
I just want my MTV