Letra de Righteous
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm (x2)

I found God on the interstate
Hitching for a ride
I found God on my dinner plate
And in my cup of wine
Oh my God it's getting late
Cause God's waiting in line
Some find God when they meditate
What if it's all just in our mind
Well God if you're just in my head
Then won't you set me free
Found God on the internet
Downloading MP3's
I saw Him on TV
I heard Him in a song
But if He hears my prayers
Why do I always get it wrong

It wasn't money, love, sex, or greed
But the feeling was something like ecstacy
Wasn't anything like you expect to see
Can say it can't happen
But it has to me
I'm righteous yeah
I'm righteous

Righteous (x3)

I found God in the strangest places
With frowns on all the angels faces
God's to busy for church
Keeping the devil way down in the dirt
It's hard work
I found God in the doctor's office
Givin heart transplants
To the dark and heartless
I found God in the heart of darkness
It was written in scripture
For the psalms of profits
I found God was often lawless
His commandments too much power
For those cops and robbers
I found God was into S&M
Twisted Sadistic Saddo-masochistic
I found God handcuffed and gagged
The Virgin Mary was a man
Dressed up in drag
I found God when Hell froze over
I don't need a co-pilot
If God's my chauffeur


Righteous (x3)
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm (x4)

I saw God on the corner
Selling dope to all the hopeless
He put truth inside the cellophane
And roofs over the homeless
I saw God at the market
Selling fruits and natural sodas
And boots to protect our feet
In case we walk the path He showed us
I saw God leaving nightclubs
In the back of limousines
He gave money to a prostitute
Said go back to living clean
I saw God in a machine
That God filled up with gasoline
Saw Him like clear as day
And I was gone like in a dream


Righteous (x3)
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Yeah (whoo)
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm (x3)